Meet the Team

Here at The Brit Bar, we pride ourselves on having the most welcoming staff, but, most importantly, they like to become your friend.

Each member of staff goes through a rigorous training programme to ensure they are clued up on all the products we sell but, most importantly, they are conversant with our real ale selection and how to care for it. Being the bunch of misfits we are, you will always find someone you can have a great chat with over a pint, all with their own talents, whether it be Music, Politics, Gaming, Movies or just partying in general, you are sure to have a great experience.



Tom Conibear was installed as the Captain of The Brit Bar in March 2018. He is a talented musician, and you will find him ordering the best beer he can find from local breweries or up on stage with the live music.



This nutter is the Queen of The Brit Bar, desperately trying to taste every gin sold in England. Your local pub now has quite a selection! If Kaylie is not tasting the stock, she is smiling and chatting with the locals.


Jay is our Bar Manager here at The Brit Bar. He will often be seen, on his day off, doing a bout of quality control with Katy, our strong cider!


Abi is loved by all staff and regulars alike & she is a friend to all. Having said that, if you enjoy our Real Ale too much, she will be the first to ask you to leave!


Tom, is a punk through and through and he has the Mohawk to prove it. If you are looking for someone who cares for the beer he's serving look no further.


Oli is passionate and eager to please, always searching for his “Roger meet Steve” from American Dad.


Chloe is the movie star of our team. She is a classically trained singer and actress and has appeared as a regular in the latest season of Red Dwarf. Get your pint pulled by a celebrity!

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