About us

The Brit Bar, since February 2018 has been managed and leased by Tom and Kaylie Conibear, taking over the day to day running from Sam Cureton (who still owns the freehold).

Previous known as The Britannia Inn, The Brit Bar has been known and loved by locals in the town of Weston-super-Mare for years. One of our regulars has been a client for over 50 years (Bless our Terry)! Now known for its Real Ales and Live Music, The Brit Bar has become a venue for talented and aspiring musicians and a joint for the real ale lovers who appreciate good music.

Tom and Kaylie have made slight changes and improvements to the premises since taking over but are keeping the formula that previous landlord had put in place. Competitively priced real ale sourced from local breweries and live music performed by local bands. This formula having worked incredibly well for 7 years, both Tom and Kaylie are more than happy to follow suit both being passionate about great beer and music.

Weston's real ale live music bar!!!

Real Ale on Tap

Always 5 different ales on tap, for you to sample, don’t forget to collect your Ale Miles.

Live Music

All weekend every weekend, you will find live music here at The Brit Bar.

Gin, all the Gin

It’s not all about beer, we have a great Gin collection, and it is only going to grow. Come check it out.